Registration for Study in Poland Project

for assigning the status of a project participant

I am asking for the status of project participant: STUDIES IN POLAND.

Justification for the application:

On the Internet I found information about the possibility of getting a profession in Poland.

I understood that the project is financed from private funds.

My special interest was aroused by the information about the possibility of getting help from the project organizers for me in the situation of signing a contract with a university.

Taking into account the goals of the Studies project in Poland after assigning the status of a project participant in Poland is committed to:

Apply for the status of a university student in Poland, which I will choose alone without intermediaries. I prefer universities with the recommendation of the "Studies in Poland" Project Office based in Warsaw.

Actively participate in the implementation of the optional education program resulting from the Studies in Poland program and participate in student internships carried out with the consent of a university in Poland, which I will be a student.

At the same time, I declare that:

in a situation when I lose the status of a university student recommended by the Studies office in Poland or lose the status of a project participant in Poland will voluntarily leave the European Union. At the same time, I acknowledge that in the situation of not leaving the territory of the European Union, the economic entity in which I will perform the functions of the chairman of the board will pay the costs of my deportation.

Personal data
first name
last name
birth date (dd-mm-yyyy)
religion / denomination
additional email
Registered address
street, house number, flat number
postal code
name of completed school
year of its completion (yyyy)
profession learned
ability to perform professions
Additional rights
foreign languages
additional european language
course / speciality
scan of face in accordance with sign Hero guidelines (max. 2MB)
picture of face with passport (max. 2MB)
Date and place of filling
date of filling
place of filling
Consent to the processing of personal data
I hereby consent to the exercise by Studies in Poland all activities related to the processing of my personal data, including sensitive data and all other information submitted by me for the purpose of recruitment, and documentation of the course of studies. Therefore, I am aware of the purpose of collecting these data, the right to access their data and the possibility of their removal or correction (according to the Law of 29 August 1997. On the protection of personal data Dz. U. of 2002. No. 101, item 926, as amended)
Acceptation of proposal including commitments
I accept proposal for assigning the status of a Studies in Poland project participant and including commitments.
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